Parafiato dividing panels for workstations

For a safer work environment

The desk / counter panels are the ideal solution to create separations between various workstations.

Ideal for the protection of workers in contact with the public.

High stability countertop plexiglass panels for protection from Coronavirus (Covid-19) and all diseases that are transmitted by the respiratory route such as flu in winter

The dividers will in fact make every workplace more hygienic, thanks to a protective screen, this avoids the thought caused by the contamination of bacteria and pathogens.

Our dividers are designed to be applied above any desk and work surface through special supports made of Plexiglas, fixed with a special double-sided tape, or simply as support.

The panels are equipped with a paper slot

Ideal for pharmacies, offices, supermarkets, doctors’ offices, etc …

Its cleaning is immediate because a soft non-abrasive cloth and isopropyl alcohol are enough. Alternatively, you can also use a glass cleaner or soap and water